[Dirvish] [ITPRO-ANNOUNCE] Sept 18th, Keith Lofstrom on Dirvish

Hal Pomeranz hal at deer-run.com
Mon Sep 17 16:11:59 UTC 2007

The meeting is tomorrow night!  Be there or be square...

   Dirvish for Network Backups
   6:30pm Tuesday, Sept 18th -- Eugene City Brewery (downstairs)

   Dirvish is a free, open source network backup system using commodity
   hard disks as backup media.  Dirvish is a Perl wrapper around rsync,
   managing scheduling, file selection, and expiration of old images.
   Rsync hardlinking allows hundreds of full backups to fit on one backup
   disk, while conserving network bandwidth by moving only the changed
   portions of files.  Backup images are exact duplicates of the source
   filesystems, simplifying verification and restore.  A complete backup
   of 8 machines with 150GB of data takes about an hour.  Dirvish is used
   at sites as small as single-machine SOHO users, up to terabyte server
   farms like Oregon State University's Open Source Labs.

   Keith Lofstrom has been hosting dirvish since 2004 at www.dirvish.org.
   Keith operates KLIC ( www.kl-ic.com ), an integrated circuit design
   consultancy in Beaverton, Oregon.  His personal site is www.keithl.com.  
   He is active in open source, and is an active member of the Portland
   Linux Unix Group ( www.pdxlinux.org ) and the Portland Open Source
   Software Entrepreneurs ( www.possepdx.org ).

Our meetings are the THIRD TUESDAY of every month at 6:30pm (please do
not arrive before 6pm) in the downstairs room at the Eugene City Brewery.
Information on meetings, mailing lists, etc can be found at itproforum.org.

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