[Dirvish] Hot Swap SATA

Damian Cunniff dcunniff_lists at inforefinery.com
Mon Sep 10 20:41:28 UTC 2007

Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> I use hot-swap PATA drives through a USB2 interface for dirvish 
> backup drives, and used to directly hot-swap PATA on 2.4.xx kernels.
> This means that some of my backups are "protected by air gap" from
> disasters like power supply failure or hackers.
> I understand that SATA drive hot swap is supported by the kernel,
> if appropriate commands are run before and after the swap. 
> Is anyone actually doing this?  If not, would anyone like to try?
> Keith


At the risk of sounding dumb (which I am) and drifting off topic (which
this does) can you explain what you mean by "protected by air gap".

Our scenario involves a rotating set of USB Disks that are to be
hot-swapped once a day.  To me this has seemed like the simplest part of
the backup solution we are designing but is this not the case?  Am I
missing a complicated piece when I envision it?


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