[Dirvish] run from cron fails

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Fri Sep 7 14:40:47 UTC 2007

Kevin Foote wrote:
> Hello all - very quirky situation here. I have a proper dirvish setup
> which works ...
> bank and valuts defined correctly etc..
> I am trying to run via cron at the wee hours of night and it fails with
> dirvish error 127 .. this is a rsync error supposedly.
> I have verified this a few ways. first running dirvish-runall via cron
> faild with
> not really any indication why .. error number was 4 the number of valuts
> I was starting.
> I then replaced the dirvish-runall command in my script to do
> dirvish --vault <name> for each vault.. This is where I can now see the
> 127 error.
> This is even more frustrating as when I run each vault from a console it
> works just fine
> dirvish --vault <name>   this does what its supposed to, also
> dirvish-runall does what it is
> supposed to from a console aswell.
> Im guessing the issue is with cron or env or something of that nature..
> has anyone
> else seen this as an issue? Very bewildering..
> This is all a local backup to a usb attached drive.
> OS: RHEL4u5

Perhaps you haven't set the appropriate PATH in your crontab?

If that doesn't solve it, please post more information. That helps
people to help you! Please post:

- your cron script
- the output from your cron script
- the log and summary files that dirvish produced (don't post the whole
list of files from the log if it is a big file)
- the rsync_error file if there is one

Cheers, Dave

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