[Dirvish] Multiple /etc/dirvish/master.conf and bank definition

Damian Cunniff dcunniff_lists at inforefinery.com
Fri Sep 7 14:19:58 UTC 2007

Dave Howorth wrote:
> Eric Searcy wrote:
>> Next, dirvish-runall doesn't even need to know the bank setup.  The only
>> configuration this script looks at is `Dirvish:' (the path to dirvish)
>> and the `Runall:' block.  So, you don't need the redundant bank
>> declarations, just specify them (and all your expire rules, etc) in
>> master.conf, and only put the `Runall:' block in host{n}-master.conf.
> Ah, thanks for that insight. I knew that I needed all the banks in the
> master conf, but I hadn't realized that the sub-confs were such
> different beasts. So the sub-confs are basically a single entry:
> Runall:
> 	my-unique-vault-name
Ah... ok.  I get it now.  So master.conf defines everything and sub
confs sipmly state the vaults to run.  Totally makes sense.

> Definitely quirky though now relatively elegant but that's what I've
> come to expect from dirvish. Maybe I'll rename my sub-confs with a
> different extension to remind me!
That's the dirvish we know and love.  It is amazing how simple and
graceful this system is.

You guys are the best.  Thanks so much for the help


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