[Dirvish] Multiple /etc/dirvish/master.conf and bank definition

Damian Cunniff dcunniff_lists at inforefinery.com
Thu Sep 6 15:22:45 UTC 2007

Hello all,

I've setup a dirvish configuration which allows me to run backups of
different banks at different times.  The basic idea was to create a
master.conf file for each bank and then call the related dirvish backups
at different intervals via cron. 

For example:
each define a different bank (/mnt/backup/host1 and /mnt/backup/host2
respectively).  There is a runall stanza that cites the vaults that
exist in each bank.

The cron jobs then are scheduled at different times and look like:
  /usr/sbin/dirvish-runall --config /etc/dirvish/host1-master.conf
  /usr/sbin/dirvish-runall --config /etc/dirvish/host2-master.conf

I'm having a problem when these jobs run though.  Dirvish reports back:
 cannot open config file: default.conf

When I did some digging it appears that the cause is that the banks
(/mnt/backup/host1 and /mnt/backup/host2) are not defined in the actual
master.conf file (/etc/dirvish/master.conf).  Apparently when
"dirvish-runall" calls "dirvish" it has no way to tell dirvish to use
the /etc/dirvish/host1-master.conf file that dirvish-runall is using. 
Instead dirvish simply reads the /etc/dirvish/master.conf to find out
which banks exist. This then causes an error because /mnt/backup/host1
isn't listed in the /etc/dirvish/master.conf

What I would like to know is, is there any way to avoid placing the
entries for these banks into the /etc/dirvish/master.conf?  It appears
that dirvish doesn't care if I place the vault definitions in the
/etc/dirvish/master.conf, but the banks are required or dirvish can't
seem to locate the specific branch configuration files.

It isn't imperative that the master.conf file not contain this
information, but it does seem a little redundant.  I've stated the
banks, called the specific config file, and now I have to redefine them
elsewhere as well.

Any assistance would be much appreciated

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