[Dirvish] Use locally mounted nfs volumes as vault storage?

Dirk Wessner wessner at iuw.h-da.de
Fri Jul 20 11:52:56 UTC 2007

Hello list,

maybe You could give me some advice.

Finally I got the budget to buy hardware  to set up a backup

I would  like to use  dirvish, and my  first plan was to buy
a RAID array (SCSI interface with SATA drives) that would be
attached to a server we got left  which I could use for this

But now I discovered that the server doesn't have an external
SCSI interface. So now I consider the following options:

- Buy more and bigger SCSI hard drives for the server, which
   is expensive.  Also I don't  know how  long the 5 year old
   server will live.

- Buy a NAS Box  (e.g. easyRAID NAS EN-820SR)  and mount its
   disk space locally on the dirvish server via nfs.

- (Buying a new server AND raid array will not fit the budget,
    I guess).

That would mean the server runs dirvish,  pulls the data from
the boxes which I want to backup over the network, and has to
send them again over the network to the (locally mounted) nfs

The specs of the NAS Box say it runs a special Linux 2.6 with
xfs.  So I  hope  there  will  be  no problems  with hardlink
creation and the drivish/rsync functionality in general.
But maybe  two times traversing  the network  is a really bad

Maybe even someone runs a configuration like this? I would be
glad to share Your opinions and experiences.



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