[Dirvish] Dirvish & Windows alternatives

Luis Miguel R. luismiguelro at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 09:38:48 UTC 2007

El jueves, 05 julio del 2007 a las 11:52:23, Brian Martin escribió:
> > The problem is that rsync + ssh together on a windows machine locks
> > up.  rsync+rsh does not, but that is insecure.  Setting up a Windows
> > machine to do insecure rsync+rsh through an external machine requires
> > that the Windows machine is never directly exposed to the internet.
> > What to do?
> I use dirvish for some Windows back-ups.  I do it on an private network
> where I'm not so concerned about security.  It does OK for personal data
> file recovery, although I agree that a bare-metal restore is probably out of
> the questions.  There are two problems, however, that I thought I'd alert
> folks to:
> 1) Open files: cwrsync gets blocked from backing up (at least some) open
> files.  Most notably, Outlook has to be down at the time of the back-up.
> This could be fixed in cwrsync if someone had the time and motivation to do
> it.  

I am not sure that the Outlook problem can be solved by cwrsync, many
backup solutions use special kernel modules to backup outlook databases.


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