[Dirvish] Question only backup some files

aerobicmann at nexgo.de aerobicmann at nexgo.de
Thu Jul 5 13:08:52 UTC 2007

Hi Simon,
thx for your quick replay.

>Hi Michael,
>check the man-page 
>man dirvish.conf
>and search for "exclude"

hmmm...ok it seems i have to explain more...
my wish is only to backup Folders with name (profile) and only files with
If i understand exclude correct i must every file that i want not have in
Backup list there.
(a little bit to sisyphus?)
I think include is the right option, rsync only can do this - but can it done
by dirvish?

thanks for all your help

>> Hi Dirvish list,
>> im using dirvish now for 1 year, and ist really
>> Now i have a difficult wish.
>> Due to space restrictions i want sve some Files
>like *.pst (not really small..)
>> I have looked around the FAQ and the wiki, but
>dont find what i looked for.
>> Is there any possible to backup only specific
>> Regards Michael
>> P.S. sorry for my bad english i hope you
>understand, and the question is not taken to

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