[Dirvish] Re: Dirvish Digest, Vol 27, Issue 10

Noel Kelly nkelly at citrusnetworks.net
Wed Jan 17 11:40:08 PST 2007

>> The removeable disk is FAT32 and as such the permissions and ownership 
>> did not transfer properly.  I thought that rsync compares the file 
>> sizes rather than meta data but perhaps perms/owner make it see it as 
>> a totally new file?  I have tried doing this with rsync but it did not 
>> make any difference.
> I have tried this procedure again using a removeable disk formatted with
> ext2 and this time it seems to work with no problems.  In retrospect I
> guess this is to be expected as the rsync options to preserve ownership
> etc will baulk at something coming off a FAT32 drive.

Bit of an update on this one using FAT32 as the removeable transfer disk.

It seems that during the rsync from the Linux host to a FAT32 drive any 
files/directories which are *all* uppercase are converted to all 
lowercase on the FAT32 drive.

When rsync runs again it compares the two and sees the all uppercase 
entries as being different from the all lowercase and deletes from 
target and then re-transfers them all.

> Sounds like a job for tar to me.

Yes - good idea.  I did not want to create a single monolithic file but 
I guess that is the safest way to do it really.


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