[Dirvish] Windows machines, dirvish/rsync, and vmware

Bernd Haug haug at berndhaug.net
Wed Jan 17 02:38:12 PST 2007

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Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> One of the cool things about VMWare is that the display is X, and
> exportable over a network.

Have you tried benching it versus VNC-ing into the VMs?

> Another cool thing is that you can
> clone the .vmdk files and config files, and run multiple copies of
> a guest simultaneously.  All virtual guests have identical virtual
> hardware, so the clones do not complain about changed hardware. 

If you need to network these, especially in a Domain, or how they
call these now with their rip-off Kerberos/LDAP thingie, you might
encounter Problems as Windows has some unique ID per host that would
have to be re-generated and is, IIRC, pretty much random (somewhat
like Solaris on x86).

> You can, of course, make backups of the .vmdk files themselves,
> though you should use something for backup that differences files
> and stores differences, which dirvish/rsync does not. 

rdiff is pretty nice to use in this regard. I had it for
differential backups of huge DB text dumps for a while. I wrote
something myself, but just saw that for most needs, rdiff-backup
should work, too.

> Note that all those nifty capabilities probably violate the Windows
> EULA, and instead you should always do everything Microsoft tells you.

How right you are. I'd definitely vouch for the plain fact that
nobody here has ever been entrapped into doing something by overly
complex contracts, without even knowing they were in breach.

Yours, Bernd
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