[Dirvish] Symlinks consume disk space in each snapshot

Dirk Wessner wessner at iuw.h-da.de
Mon Oct 30 23:22:46 PST 2006

Bernd Haug wrote:
> Dirk Wessner wrote:
>>For me this is somewhat annoying, because in the dirs I try to
>>back up I got many symlinks. Although a symlinks does not take
>>too much disk space, these many together, multiplied with the
>>number of snapshots, consume some space.
> If it's a major part of your backup, you might want to try to
> experiment with backing up to a FS with fewer bytes/inode?
> Yours, Bernd

Hallo Bernd,

thanks for this suggestion. I think in my case it would be easier to
find an exclude pattern that keeps these symlinks from being
backed up, because they can easily be rebuild.
I'm just not sure if I'm doing something wrong here or of this
is the way symlinks are treated by rsync/dirvish.

To give some more details: I do a backup of student's www-dirs,
and they got their own phpMyAdmin. To save disk space, I symlinked
one phpMyAdmin installation to every student's www-home. Only
the config.inc.php is a "real" file.
I know that it should somehow be possible to use only one phpMyAdmin
installation for this, but it worked this way some time now, and
I didn't made up my mind on this. But this is really OT now.
Just to explain the many symlinks.


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