[Dirvish] Yay! It seems to work so far.

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Sun Oct 29 07:08:24 PST 2006

Bernd Haug wrote:

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>Dear list,
>I told you about trying real UFS for backup dest, backup source
>still being HFS+ in my filevault.
>I just finished running the second sync, and it was awful fast and
>didn't grow the df of the backup disk much.
>Then I double-checked using find /...bank.../2006-10-28/tree -links
>1 and lo and behold - it contained the expected files, ie, the ones
>changed/created since yesterday.
>I'll keep watching for problems, but for now it looks great; I might
>lose some metadata, but that's still way better than anything I had
>so far.
>It BTW didn't work with the rsync from fink, but it did with the
>stock one in /usr/bin. My patch level is 10.4.8.

So...based on this...it seems like Dirvish thinks the files in the VAULT 
are different from the ones in the source path!    It HAS to be that 
because it doesn't make sense that the files in the source directories 
would be changing.

hmm....So...then because the HFS updates the destination files with 
metadata....the files are always different?? Does that sound like a 
correct observation to everyone?

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