[Dirvish] dirvish: no incremental on Mac OS 10.4

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Thu Oct 26 02:01:13 PDT 2006

On Wed 25 Oct 2006, Bernd Haug wrote:
> Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> > Macs use a different kind of file system ( "HFS" ) with "data" and
> > "resource" forks for each file.
> I know, and I wanted to state something to this effect in the mail,
> but forgot. Thanks for reminding me.
> > These do not have unix kinds of
> > permissions and mod dates
> Well, AFAIK they do. Obviously not the same on-disk format bit by

I think Keith meant the resource forks...

> bit, but

I think Keith meant the resource forks...

> > , and don't keep their associations when
> > transferred to different file systems.
> What kind of associations do you mean? Date and contents stay the
> same; and inode isn't the same (or rather, may or may not be the
> same) on any Unix.

Again, the resource forks...

> I don't care so much about resource forks; I want the data to be
> correct and in incremental backups; the Mac-specific Metadata isn't
> important to me.

A workaround may be to replace the OS/X rsync by a "generic" rsync that
ignores the resource forks in that case. Rename the supplied rsync to
iRsync or so :-)

> BTW, to reiterate: There are Macs on both ends (basically, there is
> only one end; local disk), and I've tried local transport too, which
> breaks in the same way, only faster.

Perhaps some special option needs to be passed to rsync to transfer the
resource forks then? I've heard of -E , but I'm not sure. Add that to
the dirvish rsync options via:


in your master.conf.

Paul Slootman

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