[Dirvish] dirvish: no incremental on Mac OS 10.4

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Wed Oct 25 13:48:14 PDT 2006

On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 09:35:32PM +0200, Bernd Haug wrote:
> I'm new on the list, so sorry if I'm running into an ongoing topic
> here (I checked the archives as far as they are available for the
> search-string "mac").
> I had some great experience with dirvish backing up a (Samba)
> Fileserver, so I wanted to use it to backup my Mac's home to a local
> external disk.

I started looking at this, but did not finish.  If you could track
this down, I would be obliged, but I don't have an answer for you
right now.

Macs use a different kind of file system ( "HFS" ) with "data" and
"resource" forks for each file.  These do not have unix kinds of
permissions and mod dates, and don't keep their associations when
transferred to different file systems.  As a result, rsync, which
is the core of dirvish, gets confused.  Apple built their own 
version of rsync to deal with this, but I doubt it would be properly
interoperable for incremental backups unless there are Macs at 
both ends.  While the resource fork is depreciated in current
Mac applications, it has a strong legacy and will take a long time
to go away.

Your best bet, if you are feeling ambitious, is to go to the rsync
mailing list and look for "Tiger" or "10.4" and start following
the threads.  I hope there is a solution, but nothing immediately
springs to mind.  I hope you can come up with a solution, because
I want to do network backups on my sister's computer and rsync
and dirvish are the only practical way to move daily backups many


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