[Dirvish] No unexpired good images

Florian Erler floe-de at web.de
Sat Oct 14 14:34:56 PDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

I ran dirvish every day with anacron, but everytime I receive a message that I have
"No unexpired good images" in my branch. But the backup is running fine I think, I have
17 newer backups in my folder.

What can I do to repair my drivish ?
(Delete everything start from new,
 delete the folder in the message (20060823-13:06) or
 simple make a new init ?)

Console Output from dirvish-expire:
# dirvish-expire --vault system-pc --no-run
# Expiring images as of 2006-10-14 23:20:03
# Restricted to vault system-pc
# cannot expire System_Linux_PC:default:20060823-13:06 No unexpired good images

Thanks, have a nice weekend
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