[Dirvish] Exclude backup from dirvish-expire

hanj mailing at astarna.com
Fri Oct 13 18:17:19 PDT 2006

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 16:44:51 -0500
Richard Geoffrion <dirvish at rain4us.net> wrote:

> I didn't interpret his post to say he wanted to keep the latest image in 
> each vault.  I interpreted it as he wants dirvish-expire to leave his 8 
> selected vaults--the heck alone!
> Interestingly enough, I had the exact opposite issue.  I wound up 
> writing a script to make my vaults expire.
> Howdy hanj!  dirvish-expire searches for the summary file that is 
> located in each vault.  From my tests, it doesn't seem to matter whether 
> or not the vault has been renamed nor whether the vault has been removed 
> from the master.conf file.  SO... you'll need to go edit each of your 
> summary files to give them more time.
> I wrote a script to facilitate the modification of all these summary 
> files.  In my case I wanted to immediately expire my images.  I wrote 
> dirvish-makeitexpire to do just that.   I published that script in my 
> wiki-example-setup on the dirvish site.  Visit 
> http://wiki.dirvish.org/index.cgi?ForceExpire so see the script. 
> You can modify that script to extend the expire time on your vaults by 
> changing the '-' sign to a '+' sign in the 
>      NEWYEAR=$[ NEWYEAR = $NEWYEAR - 1 ]
> line.  You may also want to change the value that you add to NEWYEAR 
> from "1" to oh...?? 10?
> after you tailor the command to your use, just sit in each of your vault directories and run 'dirvish-makeitexpire *'
> For multiple vaults you could run...
> for VAULT in vault1 vault2 vault3; do cd $VAULT; dirvish-makeitexpire * ; cd .. ; done
> -- 
> Richard 

Hello Richard

You are correct, I want to keep my 8 vaults the same.. they're working fine. I have 2 other vaults that I'm no longer doing backups on, but want to keep the current backups stored on the server for a indefinite amount of time. They're all in the same bank. I understand what you're saying.. adjust the expire time of each summary in the two vaults to expire in 10 years for example. I wonder, if I remove the summary all together, would that work as well?


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