[Dirvish] Exclude backup from dirvish-expire

Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Fri Oct 13 15:54:28 PDT 2006

Warren Sanders wrote:
> It will keep the latest as long as there are nothing newer.
> On 10/13/06, hanj <mailing at astarna.com> wrote:
>> Hello All
>> I currently have a backup set (5+ weeks) of two server images. I'm no 
>> longer backing them up, so I removed these two from runall. But I want 
>> to keep the current backups in the bank, but not have them removed 
>> when expire is run. Is there a way to exclude a vault when 
>> dirvish-expire is called? I have 8 other vaults that I do not want to 
>> change the behaviour.

It will keep what would otherwise be the last successful backup to 
expire.  This is not necessarily the same as the last successful backup 
to be created.  Unless all your backups use the same retention period, 
the chances are pretty good that the last backup to be made is not the 
one that'll hang around forever.

--Jon Radel

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