[Dirvish] Exclude backup from dirvish-expire

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Fri Oct 13 14:44:51 PDT 2006

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>On 10/13/06, hanj <mailing at astarna.com> wrote:
>>Hello All
>>I currently have a backup set (5+ weeks) of two server images. I'm no longer backing them up, so I removed these two from runall. But I want to keep the current backups in the bank, but not have them removed when expire is run. Is there a way to exclude a vault when dirvish-expire is called? I have 8 other vaults that I do not want to change the behaviour.
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 >Warren Sanders wrote:

>It will keep the latest as long as there are nothing newer.

I didn't interpret his post to say he wanted to keep the latest image in 
each vault.  I interpreted it as he wants dirvish-expire to leave his 8 
selected vaults--the heck alone!

Interestingly enough, I had the exact opposite issue.  I wound up 
writing a script to make my vaults expire.

Howdy hanj!  dirvish-expire searches for the summary file that is 
located in each vault.  From my tests, it doesn't seem to matter whether 
or not the vault has been renamed nor whether the vault has been removed 
from the master.conf file.  SO... you'll need to go edit each of your 
summary files to give them more time.

I wrote a script to facilitate the modification of all these summary 
files.  In my case I wanted to immediately expire my images.  I wrote 
dirvish-makeitexpire to do just that.   I published that script in my 
wiki-example-setup on the dirvish site.  Visit 
http://wiki.dirvish.org/index.cgi?ForceExpire so see the script. 

You can modify that script to extend the expire time on your vaults by 
changing the '-' sign to a '+' sign in the 


line.  You may also want to change the value that you add to NEWYEAR 
from "1" to oh...?? 10?

after you tailor the command to your use, just sit in each of your vault directories and run 'dirvish-makeitexpire *'

For multiple vaults you could run...

for VAULT in vault1 vault2 vault3; do cd $VAULT; dirvish-makeitexpire * ; cd .. ; done


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