[Dirvish] multiple directories

Robin Ericsson lobbin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 05:09:36 PDT 2006


I'm trying to pull the trick found on the wiki on how to use multiple
directories per vault. My default.conf looks like this. And yes, /var
is on the same drive as etc and root.

client: root at x
tree: /
xdev: 0
index: bzip2
log: bzip2
        + /etc
        + /root
        + /var/log/x/

The funny thing is that /etc and /root works, but now the /var/log/x,
it doesn't matter if I put it before etc or root, it still doesn't
take it.

Any ideas how I should debug this further as I guess it's rsync to
"blame"? Or am I lost here? Should I really have to create multiple
vaults just for this "easy" backup?


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