[Dirvish] More questions about dual on-site/off-site back-ups

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Sun Jun 25 19:15:41 UTC 2006

Brian Martin wrote:

>>I have a plan I'm trying to hatch.. and would like to hear 
>>other people's thoughts and ideas on how to achieve it. 
<my snip!:)>

>Since the off-site disk doesn't contain the same data as the on-site disk
>(the off-site disk may have just arrived back after being gone for a couple
>of weeks), I think I'm either forced to either:
>A) run back-ups twice, once for on-site and once for off-site
>B) treat the off-site back-up as RAID-1 mirror.  When it comes back on-site
>add it to a mirror of the on-site partition, let it resync, and do nothing
>until it's time to send it off-site again.
>The problems with option B are that there are special procedures I have to
>do when it comes back on-site (so a staff member can't do it without
>training), and the remirroring wipes whatever was on the off-site drive
>before, so that if the on-site data got corrupted somehow I can't look to
>the off-site drive as an alternative recovery source.
I use LVM and create a logical volume with the same name on two 
different drives.  This allows me to maintain the same 'device' name 
when I'm hot swapping drives.

Each backup drive has the data from the previous 1, 3, 5, 7, 9(and so 
on)..weeks. It allows for a greater retention time.  I had to 'dirvish 
--init' both 'offline' drives. When Dirvish runs, it runs TWICE.  The 
online 'bank and its vaults' run first then the offline 'bank its 
vaults' run.  Of course the offline bank has much more work to do 
because its 'rsync' is so much more out of date...

I had discussed the topic of sending one dirvish backup to two 
destinations...and the answer was that it would have to be an rsync 
hack. (because each destination might have different needs).  To my 
understanding, no one is yet working on this kind of a hack.

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