[Dirvish] More questions about dual on-site/off-site back-ups

Brian Martin Brian at MartinConsulting.com
Sat Jun 24 17:26:47 UTC 2006

> I have a plan I'm trying to hatch.. and would like to hear 
> other people's thoughts and ideas on how to achieve it. 

I've broken this off as a separate thread, because I have a slightly
different, perhaps simpler issue.  Like Hanj, I'd like other's thoughts on
this.  And it might be the basis of Hanj's answer, too.

I'm using dirvish to keep on-site back-ups, and it works fine.  Now I'm
adding an offsite component using removable hard drives.  There will always
be an offsite hard drive loaded, and so whenever I run a back-up, I want it
written in two places -- the on-site permanent disk, and whichever off-site
removable disk happens to be loaded at the moment.  Off-site disks will be
switched weekly.

Since the off-site disk doesn't contain the same data as the on-site disk
(the off-site disk may have just arrived back after being gone for a couple
of weeks), I think I'm either forced to either:

A) run back-ups twice, once for on-site and once for off-site
B) treat the off-site back-up as RAID-1 mirror.  When it comes back on-site
add it to a mirror of the on-site partition, let it resync, and do nothing
until it's time to send it off-site again.

The problems with option B are that there are special procedures I have to
do when it comes back on-site (so a staff member can't do it without
training), and the remirroring wipes whatever was on the off-site drive
before, so that if the on-site data got corrupted somehow I can't look to
the off-site drive as an alternative recovery source.



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