[Dirvish] Rsync dirvish image to remote off-site backup server

hanj mailing at astarna.com
Sat Jun 24 02:58:45 UTC 2006

Hello All

I have a plan I'm trying to hatch.. and would like to hear other people's thoughts and ideas on how to achieve it. Currently, I have a Gentoo Linux server acting as the dirvish server. It pulls images from multiple linux boxes and one Windows 2003 file server. This linux file server is accessible on the network for users in the office to restore files from the Windows 2003 server, etc. with Samba. The linux server that this server backs up are remote web servers, etc. So this is the 'off-site' backup for the web servers. Now the problem is that the Windows 2003 server is on the same LAN as the dirvish server. It needs to be backing up locally and be accessible by local users (as it already is). The item I want to accomplish is backup the Windows 2003 server to a off-site server. 

I currently will have a linux file server that will exists at another office location. I would like to backup 'one' image (the latest image from the Windows 2003 server) to the off site backup every night. Now, I'm wondering if it will make sense to install another dirvish instance on the 'off site' linux server and do dirvish backups, but only store a few days? Or to run rsync directly to the image trees and pull the image and overwrite the local copy on the 'off-site' backup server. The issue that we're facing here is bandwidth as well. This 'off-site' backup will be connected via DSL line, and upload from either end will only be 512k.. so a push or pull will be the same speed.

I also had an idea of the Windows 2003 server running cygwin (which it already does for rsyncd) .. and tell it to do a ssh rsync and do a push of files to the 'off site' server.. and have it delete changed files on the off-site location.

I hope I'm making sense. Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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