[Dirvish] Dirvish backing up Windows 2003, but having troubles viewing backups in Samba (SOLVED)

hanj mailing at astarna.com
Thu Jun 22 15:12:50 UTC 2006

Hello Richard

Thanks for your reply. Your solution works great! I was also able to UNSET permissions in default.conf as well. That would default ownership to root:root and set directories to (755) and files to (644).

Thanks for your suggestions.


On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 13:42:49 -0500
Richard Geoffrion <dirvish at rain4us.net> wrote:

> >
> I have a proposed solution that should work well for you.  The solution 
> lies in the configuration on the SAMBA share.  Explore the  "force user" 
> and "force group" share configuration options in the smb.conf file.
> Example:
> Create a group called gr_ws1u  #(GRoup_WindowsServer1Users)
> Assign the necessary users to the group.
> Create the following file share in your smb.conf ....
> [winserver1backup]
>         writeable = no
>         path = /banks/windows/winsrv1
>         force group = root
>         force user = root
>         comment = Backup for Windows Server 1
>         valid users = @gr_ws1u
> And VOILA!.  The users in the group 'gr_ws1u' will be able to read any 
> file in that share's $PATH as if they were root.  The will not be able 
> to WRITE to that share as the smbd daemon will protect that share 
> through the 'writable=no' directive.
> The real trick would be to provide a link to the ./tree/ directory of 
> certain images.   The closest thing that I have thought of to accomplish 
> this is to have a path that contains symlinks to the actual ./tree/ 
> directory.

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