[Dirvish] Dirvish backing up Windows 2003, but having troubles viewing backups in Samba (perm/ownership)

hanj mailing at astarna.com
Tue Jun 20 17:06:56 UTC 2006

Hello All

I went though the archives.. and did not find the solution to my current problem. I have dirvish (dirvish-1.2.1) installed on a Gentoo file server. It's currently doing backups for many linux boxes.. and is working great! Now, of course.. to a throw wrench in the works, I'm backing up a Winows 2003 server on the local network. I was successful installing a rsync daemon on the win box, and dirvish is pulling files fine from that server. The network/systems in this business are windows-centric, with the exception of a few Linux boxes for file storage. My backups are backing up windows file shares (just normal data.. no worries on 'lock' files, etc). We would like to give users the ability to browse and grab files from the backup server. I have samba installed on that box.. and again, everything is working fine with that. The problem is related to file permissions on the windows backups.

For instance on one partition that was backed up.. these were the permissions carried over from the windows filesystem.

d---------  9 root   513 4096 May 10 15:51 Clients
d---------  7 root   513 4096 Feb 15 09:51 Documents
drwx------ 14  544   513 4096 Jun 15 14:09 Linux
d--------- 13 root   513 4096 May  9 10:26 Standards
-rwx------  2  544 root  3072 Nov 10  2005 Thumbs.db

Obviously, this will make it difficult to browse via samba. Almost all files/directories brought over from Windows has these permissions. Now, I could cron something which will convert ownership and permissions on nightly images to make them accessible via Samba.. but that will 'change' the local file, causing dirvish to bring new files over every time.. eating my disc. Currently, the only solution I currently have is to SSH into the box and copy the file and change permissions to make it readable to the original user. I know you can 'restore' with rsync, but I would like to avoid this. I want to maintain 'read-only' on the windows side of things. Also, users will my need several copies (versions) of the same file... and they need to browse through the images.

Now my questions are....

Does anyone else run into this similar problem?
Does anyone have a clever fix (maybe rsync option or samba configuration) to avoid this?

Thanks in advance. I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions.


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