[Dirvish] Moving a Dirvish Vault

Loren M. Lang lorenl at alzatex.com
Wed Jun 14 02:26:13 UTC 2006

Steve Ramage wrote:
> My backup disk is about ot run out of space, and I've been looking at
> options. How can I move the FS between disks, and preserve the links?
> I'm not sure but I thought hard links were not really detectable, and
> that a copy with preserve links won't work. Also I have problems at
> times with rm and to omany files, and I would think that dirvish might
> cause cp to abort with to many files. Is my best bet to simply move the
> partition over and extended it?

Not true, all links to the same file will have the same inode number
which is unique to every file on a filesystem, not the links to the
file.  The stat command available on linux and freebsd will tell you a
file's inode number and commands like du and find use inode numbers to
avoid counting files twice.  cp by default does not check or keep
hardlinks, it will make multiple copies on a copy.  On linux, the
--preserve=link will preserve hardlinks, not softlinks, but it will copy
a softlink as a hardlink.  Using --no-dereference will copy softlinks as
appropriately, or using -d is the same as using both options together
and -a is the same as -d -p and -R.  On freebsd, the cp command has no
option to preserve hardlinks and recommend the use of tar, cpio, or pax

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