[Dirvish] Moving a Dirvish Vault

Shawn Perry redmopml at comcast.net
Fri Jun 2 12:54:10 UTC 2006

On Friday 02 June 2006 04:08 am, Eric V. Smith wrote:
> Paul Slootman wrote:
> < good stuff about find and rm deleted >
> >>> Well, Jason Boxman is lazy, so he just uses `rsync -avH src/ target/` 
> >>> :)
> >
> > That doesn't work if your src is very large with many hardlinked files;
> > rsync runs out of virtual memory, I can say from experience.
> Very true, so I use tar.  tar will preserve hard links, and since it
> just streams the data as it gets to it there's no pre-computation of
> anything to consume time or memory.  With appropriate uses of pipes and
> ssh, you can grab the data from one machine and extract it to another.
> Sorry I don't have a command line handy for you, but I've used it for
> just this purpose for a 200+ GB vault, where each of the ~100 images
> would have individually consumed 100+ GB.  Other than taking forever due
> to the network involved, it had no issues.  One thing that's a potential
> concern is that it can't be interrupted and restarted (like rsync could,
> if it worked), you'd have to start again from the top.
> I don't have any sparse files, but if you do, that's something you
> should think about with any solution.  I think tar might have an option
> for handling these.
> Although I've never tried them for this purpose, I think cpio and pax
> have similar functionality.

Another option is to put your vaults in LVM's.  You can then just add the 
other hard drive to the volume group, move the vault from one disk to another 
within the volume group, then remove the old disk.  It won't help you move TO 
an LVM setup, but it will help you afterwards.


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