[Dirvish] Feature request for backing up bank/vault/branch configuration files to /etc/dirvish/banks/

Shane R. Spencer shane at tdxnet.com
Tue Nov 15 21:25:07 EST 2005

Going in a direction nobody wants to go.. :)

I foresee at least one change that could be made to allow for non tape
removable HDD's to be used in a multi drive rotation.

for instance my bank is set up as /mnt/backup and has the following
configs (yes they are stupid but I like them)


These should instead be placed in /etc/dirvish/banks/ like so:


These are as you would see them on disk. move them into the real bank
only if the target files are non-existant or older. This can cause
problems of course, which I would hope to address and help out with.

There may be a reason to have a .banklabel in the root of the bank to
help distinguish the banks label in the world of things.

This would accompany the need for a short and sweet dirvish-labelbank

There is a possibility the index files could also be ripped from the
banks and stored
in /var/lib/dirvish/$bank/$image/$branch-$date/$banklabel/index.gz and
extra checks added to dirvish-locate to access those as well.

Now USB HDD's and the like have a chance to rotate in and out,
particulary USB HDD's in mobile-racks or REV 35/JAZ/ZIP based backup
devices can be used.

Is this above and beyonf the calling for dirvish?

Shane Spencer

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