[Dirvish] stop dirvish but not loose transfered data

Joel Franco joel.franco at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 17:50:46 PST 2005

Hi All,

Thank You by the excellent backup tool.

I've used dirvish a lot time and have a specific need: i wanted to use
the full bandwith to make the backup at night but, if the data size is
too big to transfer, i want to kill the process at 7am, at which the
people start working and need the WAN bandwith to use the web.

Thinking about it and, supposing that at certain night a have a data
size that i didn't get to completely transfer, i do not want to loose it
and start again, but continue at the next night.

Then, i want a way to not loose the data.

The start my suspicious about how to easily implement it in a separated
script (fix me); i suppose that if a killall the dirvish process and
make a entry at daily.hist with this incomplete directory i can reuse it
at the next dirvish run. Is it correct and it is the easiest way, you
think that i would fill the daily.hist with calculated data in a
personal algorithm? or would be better to use a dirvish subroutine to
make it?

Someone have a better idea to not loose the data and continue at the
best night?


Joel Franco
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