[Dirvish] Push instead of pull?

Steve Ramage dirvishusersspammedme at sjrx.net
Wed Nov 2 15:55:59 PST 2005

If your DHCP Server is anything better than a home router, you have the
option to make sticky leases, that is what I do with my notebook, and it
works flawlessly. That said, there isn't afaik a way to push backups, as
this is the exact opposite of dirvishes methodolgy, (correct me if I'm

You could modify this guide:

and instead of having the server connect to the client, use SSH reverse
tunnelling (not in the article but should be), so that your machines
would SSH to the backup server. Then the backup server would connect to
rsync on the reverse port tunnel.

I recommend just figuring out sticky DNS Servers though, but the above
could be done.

Chris Dunning wrote:

> I seem to remember seeing this in the documentation somewhere, but I
> can't find it now.  Is it possible to push backups, rather than
> pulling them?
> On my network, I have both wired desktop machines and wireless
> laptops.  The wired machines all have dedicated IPs, and I pull
> backups down for them each night.  This is working great.  The laptops
> are in and out all the time, visiting coffee shops, the local college
> campus, clients, etc.  I've tried setting up profiles on each of those
> that would take a dedicated IP here and use DHCP otherwise, but so far
> that's not working so well.  They do spend the night here most
> nights.  Is it possible to run Dirvish on the laptops, pushing the
> backups to the backup server each night on cron?  Alternately, is
> there a way to notify the server of the laptop's IP address when it
> logs back in to the network?  I know that last question is beyond the
> scope of this mailing list, but maybe someone can point me in the
> right direction.
> Thanks in advance - I'm looking forward to <more> complete backups.
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