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Zachary Fortna ZFortna at cxtec.com
Tue Mar 29 12:04:23 PST 2005

This isn't exactly a dirvish specific question, but I was looking for
some opinions from the list.  My company is looking at purchasing a
Coraid EtherDrive IDE storage blade (http://www.coraid.com) for use a
dirvish bank.  Its basically an IDE drive array with the capacity for up
to 10 IDE drives run on ATA over Ethernet.  We's run it over a gigabit
backbone.  Each drive is capable of 6MB/sec transfer rate.  We would use
this on with Coraid's RAIDblade device which will create RAID arrays of
the disks in the storage blade.  If it matters we'd be using Western
digital 320GB ATA/133 drives with an 8MB cache.  

I'm not sure what other specs or info I can provide that would be of
use, but I'm wondering if this would be an effective medium to use as a
bank.  Are their any gotcha's anyone can see right off the bat?  For the
price and having the ability to run the drives in a RAID-5 array without
the RAID overhead on the local system running dirvish we can't seem to
find a reason not to get the product and run with it. 

Any insight or thoughts would be great.  Thanks in advance.  

Zachary Fortna, DAD
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