[Dirvish] expire and runall config file

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Tue Mar 29 08:47:13 PST 2005

On Tue 29 Mar 2005, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> I will be very interested in your results.  As slow as a single rsync 
> process might be, I suspect multiple rsync processes will just complete
> with each other for resources, if they were using the same RAM and
> target disk and network bandwidth.  Multiple servers might do better,

The old backup systems are already doing this, they use a shell script
to run rsync for a particular host; I hacked up a system based on "make"
to run multiple concurrent sessions (using GNU make's -j option). That
works fine; most of the time the sessions are waiting on the clients to
generate the file list, so overlapping the sessions work well.
Additionally the clients are all on separate VLANs and the 100Mbit
connection of the backup system is nowhere near to being saturated.
Finally, these systems are connected by fibre scsi to a separate storage
system that does > 70MByte/s :-)

> Version 1.3 scripts will share as much of a common command line and
> config file read-in process as possible, so I'm hoping that in the
> future, hacking scripts to add features that are already in other
> scripts (and --config is a great example) will be a simple matter
> of adding another quoted word to an array in the target script.

That would be great :)

> I would offer more support, but you are a better programmer than I am,
> so the best I can offer is to seriously consider incorporating your
> discoveries into the next version.

I'll keep the list up to date...


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