[Dirvish] a couple of issues

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Fri Mar 25 01:33:22 PST 2005

Firstly, I was wondering as to the purpose of the fsbuffer file...
According to the source:

# create a buffer to allow logging to work after full fileystem

However, I can't see anywhere where it's actually used; all I can see is
that it's removed at the end.  It seems to me that rsync_error.tmp has
taken over the functionality... So I suggest that it should be removed
from the code.

(looking at dirvish_1_3_khl):

         # 24 changed from error to warning.  This keeps dirvish from failing
         # if the client deletes a file between list creation and the file
         # movement  KHL  (from note on 2004-08-07 )

But in dirvishlib.pl this is present:

    [ 'error',      '^file has vanished: ',                 ],

I'd have expected the 'error' to be 'warning' here...

(In dirvish_1_3_esm the error code is 100, not 24...)

Paul Slootman

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