[Dirvish] Windows Rsync Server :)

Steve Ramage dirvishusersspammedme at sjrx.net
Sun Mar 6 01:58:45 PST 2005

Sorry I made an err, I hope it doesn't ruin anyones good feelings. What 
I found is a working Rsync Server, that allows a Dirvish server to 
connect as a client, to the Windows machine, and pull backups from it.  
In other words, I have my Debian 3.0 box, that runs dirvish, and is a 
nice little happy camper. Then I have a Windows Desktop, and a Windows 
Notebook, that run Rsync on them, so that dirvish can back stuff up on 

I didn't mean to suggest that I had successfully run dirvish on Windows, 
and now had a working rsync client for windows to connect to other 
machines. One reason this wouldn't work is because NTFS doesn't support 
hardlinking files; well actually it does but next to no one seems to 
know this and I doubt dirvish could natively use NTFS hardlinking (and 
no I'm not talking about crosslinked files).

Steve Ramage

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