[Dirvish] Windows Rsync Client

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Sun Mar 6 00:13:19 PST 2005

On Sat, Mar 05, 2005 at 11:04:50PM -0800, Steve Ramage wrote:
> We'll anyway as I'm sure you have all guessed, I did find a working 
> Windows Binary that works fine. It's 'made/released' by a company called 
> iTEF!X. Now before you get uppity, it is free (GPL&MIT), and is really 
> just cygwin + rsync, but works fine. 

Steve, this is great news!  Indeed, I would like to put up a writeup
about your success on the web pages.   My buddy Brian Martin is another
cross-platform kinda guy, local;  he was looking at setting up one
of his Windows machines for Rsync and Dirvish, but ran into problems.
So here is what I would like you to do, if you can find the time:  

1) Find another disk, and see just how much restoring you can do,
and what the windoze-imposed limits are.  What are reasonable
expectations?  I would like to see a "server-push" arrangement
for restore myself, it keeps the backup server secure, but we'll
take what we get.

2) Write up a cookbook, describing how you set this up and what
problems you encountered, step by step so a newbie can follow it. 
Be sure to include any funny things you encountered, or mistakes
a newbie is likely to make.  Test it if you can.  Don't worry
about generating the king's english, I can help with that, just
get your thoughts and observations captured.  

3) Then Brian and I will find time to try out your cookbook 
procedure.  We will ask plenty of questions.  

4) While Brian and I labor, see if you can get this going with
SSH.  One of the main reasons to do backups is to deal with 
security breaches, and an SSH-armored intranet is a handy thing
to have when those breaches occur.  Note, many of our experiments
may be over the open Internet, from his windows machine to my
site.  Obviously, SSH will be mandatory in that case!

5) Either improve your cookbook, based on the errors we might
find, or let me help.   


1) Don't do any more, just having an existence proof is handy.
We can duplicate your work based on your suggestions, and go
through our own debug process.  This will take longer, of course,
and will wait on other pressing issues (like version 1.3.1).
Just let us know if something hangs up or breaks, OK?

Thanks again for the good work!


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