[Dirvish] Dirvish and sudo

James Clendenan mangler at engsoc.queensu.ca
Tue Jun 28 15:37:23 PDT 2005

Hi Ben, et al.

I've been wanting to do that on one of the boxes here, however, I have not
had enough time to test it.  However, what I am doing is using SSH keys
and preventing root logins without a key.  I used the instructions found
here, for the most part: http://www.jdmz.net/ssh/

Although it isn't a perfect solution, I would prefer sudo, it is a whole
bunch better than loosing the primary backup server and the whole farm.

If you do get this working, please let us know, as I suspect this may be
one turn off's for may people wanting to use this backup package. I
especially was nervous about allowing root connections to my primary
server, even key'd ones.


James Clendenan

Ben Luey said:
> Has anyone setup dirvish with sudo? I'd like the dirvish backup server to
> login to the main server as a non-root user, and execute commands as root
> using sudo? What's the best way to have dirvish add the word "sudo" to
> every remote command it executes?
> Thanks,
> Ben
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