[Dirvish] Experimental version 1.3.1

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jun 9 03:42:32 PDT 2005

Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> This is way overdue, but I have enough confidence in dirvish experimental
> version 1.3.1 to release it for testing.   You can find a tar file at:
> http://www.dirvish.org/viewcvs/dirvish_1_3_1/


> (4) Other tools.  You can build on top of the common "dirvishlib.pm"
> module, and save a lot of time.

I think separating out a library, or perhaps more than one library, is 
an excellent idea. I also think it would be good to aim to eventually 
move to a CPAN style of module packaging.

I just discovered the need for a small utility to backup all my 
'default.conf' files because otherwise that information is only stored 
in one place and could go missing! I wrote it using a 'Dirvish.pm' 
prototype that I'd already hacked out. It's very similar to 
dirvishlib.pl but more oriented to the standard 'use Dirvish;' way of 
coding. I've attached my little script and the module. The module isn't 
intended as a serious contribution yet, it's more of a point for 
discussion as to direction.

Cheers, Dave
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