[Dirvish] Re: Dirvish, rsync and sudo

Brian Martin dirvishng1 at martinconsulting.com
Wed Jul 13 06:48:58 PDT 2005

> I'm in the process of building a backup server running Dervish 1.2-1
> from Debian Sarge, and I've got dirvish working with rsync running
> through sudo, meaning that dirvish itself runs as a non-privileged
> user, while maintaining user/group info and being able to backup


> 3) Apply the following patch to dirvish:
> diff /usr/sbin/dirvish /tmp/dirvish.old
> 522c522
> <       ( split(' ',$$Options{rsync}) ? split(' 
> ',$$Options{rsync}) : 'rsync'),
> ---
> >       ($$Options{rsync} ? $$Options{rsync} : 'rsync'),
> 4) Add the following lines to /etc/dirvish/master.conf
> rsync: sudo rsync
> rsync-client: sudo rsync

This sounds great.  I've been wanting a solution to the "must-run-as-root"
problem for some time.  I don't know what the larger implications of parsing
the rsync option line differently might be, but would love to see this or
some similar solution incorporated into the dirvish code.

           -Brian Martin

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