[Dirvish] Vault Unsynced

Eric Mountain em-dirvish-1 at nerim.net
Sat Jan 29 14:12:33 PST 2005

Hi Steve,

On Monday 27 Dec 2004 18:54, Steve Ramage spake thus:
> I've noticed a HUGE jump in disk consumption accross all my backups,

Are you using the ChmodOnExpire patch? (http://dirvish.org/wiki?ChmodOnExpire)  
It causes the pb you have observed as a side effect *if* you have files which 
are read-only for the owning user.  (Which is kind of ironic of course, since 
those are exactly the files that the patch was trying to handle 
better... :-[ The patch will need a patch...)

If you are not using the above patch, are you certain you don't have anything 
changing your backups or the original files in such a way backup files cannot 
be hardlinked between backup images?  If you pick a file which has apparently 
not changed between 2 backup images, but which is not hardlinked in those 2 
backups, then does "ls -l" or "lsattr" show up any differences (other than 
inode) for that file?

Eric Mountain

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