[Dirvish] Experimental version 1.3.1

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Wed Aug 17 04:19:37 PDT 2005

Sorry for the extremely late followup, but I've only just had the
opportunity to try 1.3.1.

On Thu 09 Jun 2005, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> Right now, instead of a standard module, Build.PL prepends the
> following to every dirvish application program:
>    $CONFDIR = "/etc/dirvish";            # configurable
>    use lib "/usr/share/dirvish";         # configurable
>    use      dirvishlib;

This is already where it goes wrong for me. In my version, the following
lines are prepended:

# Configured by Module::Build
# on Wed Aug 17 13:12:31 2005
# these lines prepended by ./Build

$CONFDIR = /etc/dirvish;    
use        /usr/share/dirvish/dirvish.pl;

Note no quotes round the $CONFDIR value, no 'use lib' and no

I downloaded the 1.3.1 tarball just today.

BTW, wouldn't it make sense to do "chmod 755 Build.PL" before making the
tarball? Then the chmod instruction could go away...


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