[Dirvish] New dirvish vault creation script

Antonio Cardoso Martins acmartins at hal.min-saude.pt
Wed Aug 10 01:57:35 PDT 2005


I have posted the *dirvish-create-vault* script, written in /bash/ 
(sorry for not being /perl/), with some features to help build vaults 
and deploy dirvish configuration throughout backup clients.

This is a simple script, but i think it helps you deploying dirvish in 
Unix/Linux/Windows platforms, and could also be improved by any of us :-)

The next time you need to create a vault, please take some time to run 
the dirvish-create-vault provided in 
http://wiki.dirvish.org/index.cgi?CreateVaultScript the wiki page of 

I will be waiting for your feedback, and hope you like to use the 
dirvish-create-vault script.

Thank you very much

Antonio Cardoso Martins (acmartins at hal.min-saude.pt)
Divisao de Informatica  (informatica at hal.min-saude.pt)

Hospital Amato Lusitano (www.hal.min-saude.pt)
Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral, 6000-081 Castelo Branco
tel: 272 000 155  geral: 272 000 272  fax: 272 000 388
e-mail: geral at hal.min-saude.pt

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